About CT

A CT scan (Computed Tomography) allows us to look at your body in a cross-section. It is a test that uses an x-ray machine that spins around the body to obtain detailed images. Using the CT scanner and a sophisticated computer, images can be built showing both soft tissue and bony structures. The images can then be viewed from all angles and stacked to create 3-dimensional images.


Some CT examinations require you to fast prior to your appointment. Our friendly bookings staff will advise you at the time you make your appointment if this is required. If you are having a CT scan of your abdomen you will be given a special drink on arrival that will assist in highlighting your bowel.

Do I need an injection?

For some examinations e.g. CT Chest/Abdomen/ Pelvis scans you may be given an intravenous injection of contrast medium which is an iodine based solution. If there is a possibility that you may require the dye you will be given a questionnaire to complete asking you basic questions about your medical history. This information will assist in the decision to give the contrast medium or not.